Durban celebrates its 200th Anniversary on the 7th August 2024 and you are invited to join in the celebration. We are playing a game between Durban and London to strengthen the ties between these two cities. Join us on this adventure.


Congratulations to Durban on your 200th Anniversary. 1822/1824 – 2022/2024. It has been a long time in the making but Durban is the best place to live in Africa. Durban beats out the competition whether its local options like Cape Town and Johannesburg or continental options like Lagos and Cairo; Durban comes up aces every time. We look forward to the grand celebrations of Durban’s 200th Anniversary in 2024. Thank you for your time and consideration.

What would a celebration of Durban’s 200th Anniversary be without our Fafi Ancestors and our Mafia Connections; and as such Durban 200 is bringing you the people of Durban a special thing. It is old and it is brand new, it is divine and it is commonplace and it is fragrant but only to those to whom it belongs. If you are interested, you will receive the blessings of our Fafi Ancestors and our Mafia Connections.

Issued by:
Avishkar Govender
Durban 200 Tournament (Pty) Ltd
CIPC Company: 2022/546590/07
SARS Taxpayer: 9188484266